About Region 8

Region 8 is the European-based arm of ASC, the professional association for the development and advancement of construction education founded at the University of Florida in March 1965. The Region was established to represent the interests of international construction education at the 46th ASC Annual Conference, held in Boston, Massachusetts in April 2010.

Please note that we welcome all international interest in ASC. Members from countries outside the US and Europe will be initially affiliated to Region 8, for the purpose of collaboratively developing the possibility of additional regions in the future.

Region 8 is also home to the International Development Committee, a working committee of the Board of ASC with a remit to provide leadership in promoting construction education through collaboration amongst the construction community globally. We are always willing to engage with both members and non members of the construction community so that the education of current and future construction professionals can be enhanced.

Membership of Region 8

Membership brings immediate benefits in joining the long-established network of academic and industrial supporters of ASC, from opportunities for direct engagement in our events to the intelligence-sharing and dissemination of good practice which follows being part of an organisation with in excess of 50 years of history and 150 member institutions across the globe. Perhaps most significantly, students from member institutions can participate in international, industry-sponsored competitions – whether our own or those hosted by some of the US Regions – offering a great opportunity for personal and professional development, and enabling students to showcase their ideas in front of employers, academics, and fellow teams.

Region 8 also makes an annual award for Teaching Excellence, presented at the main ASC Conference, and supports (and meets at) the Innovation in Built Environment Education conference in the UK. Beyond joining our principal events, there are many other ways in which your institution can benefit; for example, some of our members now have student and staff exchange programmes with our American colleagues as a result of being part of the ASC family.

If you are interested in joining ASC, please see the procedures here – and, because we are ambitious in our plans to grow membership over the coming years, we are currently offering half-price first year subscription at just $375.

All staff and students at member schools also receive complimentary online access to The International Journal for Construction Education & Research.

Other international collaborations:

ARCOM (Association of Researchers in Construction Management), UK

CHOBE (Council of Heads of Built Environment), UK

If you are interested in knowing more, or have any other queries, requests or suggestions, please do get in touch with us directly using the links below – we are always looking for positive contributions!

Mark Shelbourn Director

Sonya Meekel (Director elect, Technological University, Dublin)